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Jackson Dawson In-House Team:

Cityscape Architects // Design & Construction Mgr

Benmar //  Retail Fixture Design & Fabrication

Texel Logic // Custom programming and technology

In-House Consultants

Miller AG // Frisco Exterior Design, Fabrication & CM

Jones-Keena // Interior Finishes

Illuminart // Light selection

Work by Others

OBA Architects: Frisco Core/Shell A.O.R.

​Fitch: Newport Beach concept plan & key moments

FordLand and OBA: Frisco Exterior Concept

Lincoln Motor Co. increased brand awareness in several key markets by building state-of-the art, non-sales environments that focus on personalized, community-oriented experiences in Newport Beach, CA and Frisco, TX.

While Cityscape Architects created the schematic through construction documents; Jackson Dawson's in-house team provided comprehensive creative services coordinating all consultants, designing, programming, building, and integrated all technology and fixtures in the space.

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