Lincoln increased brand awareness in several key locations by building state-of-the art, non-sales environments. The first Lincoln Experience Center opened in July 2016 at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, with a focus on personalized, community-oriented experiences. In the first year,  100k+ guests have visited, with nearly 90 percent more likely to consider a Lincoln as a result of their visit.  The onsite events – showcasing local musicians and artists – have been hits, with seats filled for all five events held since the opening. Click here to Learn more.

Domain | Cityscape created the schematic through construction documents for two Lincoln Experience Centers.  In addition to coordinating all consultants, we also designed, programmed, built, and integrated all technology and fixtures in the space.



Team: Domain | Cityscape:

Design, Technology & Fixtures, Construction Mgr

Jones-Keena: Interior Finishes

IlluminartLight selection

FordLand and OBA: Frisco Exterior Concept

OBA: Frisco Core/Shell A.O.R.

Miller AG: Frisco Exterior Design, Fabrication & CM

Fitch: Newport Beach concept plan & key moments

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