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design phases:




  • Cityscape meets with you to identify project requirements
       We begin to establish your project needs, wants and budget
  • We research codes and conditions to ensure your goals can be met at the proposed site
  • If required, we'll establish a consultant team: Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, etc.
  • We create a custom fee and proposal for each project


       New clients often begin by hiring Cityscape for only Research and Schematic Design;

       allowing us to build a rapport with minimal client investment


  • Cityscape creates a 1st draft of Site Plan, Floor Plan, & Exterior Elevation options for your review
       We'll get your approval before proceeding to Design Development
  • Often these drawings & a civil survey are enough for a jurisdiction to agree ​your project can be built on the site desired
  • We recommend a builder creates an initial construction estimate at this point
       Cityscape can share contacts for several builders for your consideration


  • We incorporate your feedback to refine the drawings
       Floor Plans, Finish Plans, Ceiling Plans, Building Sections, Wall Sections, & Perspective Views
  • Code Compliance diagrams are created
  • Now is a great time to have a 2nd construction estimate created
  • If required, initial consultant drawings are produced
       (Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)


  • Cityscape incorporates your feedback to finalize a comprehensive set of drawings
       This is the most time & cost intensive portion of design
  • Drawing goals: ensure the builder understands how the building will fit together, the level of refinement expected, and allow an accurate construction cost estimate to be produced
  • Details are created to solve tricky conditions and answer questions before they occur on the job site.  This helps projects run smoothly, reducing delays & 'extra fees' from items the builder didn't consider in initial cost estimates

5 bids & permits

The construction documents have been sent to builder(s)
  • Cityscape answers questions from builders as they create their construction cost estimates
  • We will help you evaluate and compare construction estimates
  • The construction documents have also been submitted to the local jurisdiction
       Goal: receive a permit to begin construction
  • Municipalities often have questions and comments
       Cityscape addresses the comments & resubmits the drawings allowing a building permit to be issued


  • While a builder will physically construct your building, the architect can assist you to ensure the project is built according to the plans and specifications
  • Cityscape reviews fabrication drawings & material submissions for compliance
  • We can visit job sites or review photographs from the field to ensure the design is followed
  • We answer questions from the builder, and provide clarification details
  • The builder is solely responsible for construction methods, techniques, schedules and procedures

7 open for business

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