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Beyond Architecture

While Cityscape Architects designed a 3,600sf event pavilion with Timberpeg in Nevada: Jackson Dawson's other in-house divisions provided comprehensive services to strategize, organize, design, build and operate four Bronco Off-Roadeo Experiences across the nation.  We also handled film production, marketing, merchandising, & analytics.

What is Off-Roadeo?


It's an off-roading and outdoor adventure playground — located at four epic destinations across the United States — with experiences that will build your confidence, expand your skills, and encourage you to get out into the wild for years to come.


Designed to challenge and excite both novices and experts, Bronco Off-Roadeo will welcome you into the world of Bronco, celebrate the great outdoors and adventure-seeking lifestyle that comes with it, and ultimately, inspire you to

Learn It, Love It and Live It.

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