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Cityscape Expands

We are pleased to announce that Cityscape Architects is now wholly owned by Jackson Dawson Communications, a global communications company headquartered in Dearborn, MI.

What it Means for You

Our talented team remains the same, with the same offices, email addresses, and phone numbers. The Cityscape team will continue to operate as we have for the past 18 years, but with access to a greater breadth of resources and expertise from marketing and communications to technology and construction. Through Domain, we can partner with you from initial concept through construction, or if you so desire, we can continue to meet your design and architecture needs, in the exact same manner as before. Flexibility to meet your needs will remain a Cityscape trademark.

Why We’re Changing

In our experience, successful projects require extensive cooperation, coordination and a shared vision, elements that are difficult to achieve with multiple vendors. Our clients enjoy a more streamlined, cohesive project when guided by a consistent core project team.

In 2015, we began working with Jackson Dawson in the design of two Lincoln Experience Centers in Newport Beach, CA, and Frisco, TX. Jackson Dawson provided both the concept and customer journey knowledge as well as the construction capabilities and oversaw the project from start to finish, greatly limiting the number of parties involved. This leadership cohesiveness provided a high- quality experience and outcome for the Lincoln clients.

This year, Jackson Dawson launched a new group, Domain by Jackson Dawson (Domain), that offers an exclusive full-service experience from concept and design through architecture and construction. Cityscape will provide the design and architectural elements of the Domain experience. We are excited about the expansive possibilities this partnership brings to our team and to you, our clients, and know that Jackson Dawson shares our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Thank you for all the opportunities you’ve given us to partner with you in the past. We value your trust and look forward to meeting your needs in the future.


Tony Dellicolli and the Cityscape Team



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