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Cat Cora's Taproom

3,200 sf

Edge-lit glass fins and a serpentine backlit onyx bar serve as beacons welcoming visitors to this gastropub.  Offering a variety of dining experiences, from casual cocktails to an upscale dinner, the space satisfies travelers’ varied tastes and moods.  The constant activity of Cat Cora’s signature ‘open kitchen’ serving breakfast, lunch and dinner continuously energizes the space.   The space evolves into a more upscale dining experiences at tables in the Taproom’s core.  A neutral palette of cream, taupe, and walnut under glass chandeliers enhance the sophistication.   A peninsula fireplace and upholstered wall and bench  provides warmth and light to guests at tables or relaxing in the lounge. Schematic design by Studio H2G; Design Development & Construction documents by Cityscape

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