Branding / Prototype Design
Cityscape has experience reimagining and implementing brand prototype designs.
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  • Prototype | VolvoCityscape was invited to share ideas to reVolvolutionize Volvo's prototypical dealership design. As a Volvo owner, your experience starts with the stylish exterior and flows into the innovative interior. As a Volvo customer, your dealership experience starts at the curb and flows through the interior, stopping briefly in the ‘think room’ and arriving at the safety display wall. The forms of the exterior curve and flow, relating directly to the design and feel of the vehicles themselves.
  • Prototype | Volkswagen 'White Frame'In 2008, Cityscape was hired by Volkswagen of America to serve as their national program architect and ‘Americanize’ the new German facility brand image. Cityscape revised the prototype design to make it affordable and timely to build in the United States. National materials, suppliers, and vendors were vetted and selected. The design strategy for acheiving the ‘White Frame’ look were completely redesigned and detailed. From floor transition details through facade sections, these books are the reference guide to any dealer looking to create a branded Volkswagen experience in the United States.
  • Prototype | Volkswagen 'White Frame 2.0'Cityscape was commissioned by Volkswagen in 2011 to reimagine the German ‘White Frame’ design. The goal was to update the dealership architecture to reinforce the Volkswagen of America DNA. VWoA:DNA is composed of Heritage/Emotion, Performance (Driving, Efficiency, & Ecology), & Technology. Cityscape developed a 12 page booklet identifying areas and elements to be included to reinforce VWoA:DNA
  • Prototype | Mitsubishi | Principal PortfolioPrior to the creation of Cityscape Architects, Tony Dellicolli was instrumental in helping to create Mitsubishi Motors of America’s new prototype. Working closely with the California management offices, this full scale model was built to study the proposed design’s cost and look.
  • Prototype | Mazda 'Synergy'In 2001, Cityscape Architects was tasked by Ford Land Development to create an all new look for the Mazda brand in the United States. Cityscape created a n innovative facility, drawing inspiration from Mazda’s progressive styling.
  • Design | Hummer of NoviCityscape Architects Inc. was hired by a private capital dealer to explore exterior options for a Hummer dealership. The need for a new design was required as local zoning requirements prevented the construction of the current Hummer prototype design. One of the schemes developed by Cityscape was accepted by the local municipality and built.
  • Competition | Martyr's Square BeirutCityscape teamed up with Eview360 and Fordland to develop a design for Martyr’s square. rising of a people and country while embracing the past. Looking at a common goal and developing a sense of hope. Forming an axis of strenght that connects this country’s history through it’s city square and reaches out to sea.
  • Prototype | Ford AutoCollectionThis AutoCollection Prototype design won a national competition sponsored by Ford Motor Company. The program was designed to compete with the Republic Industries ‘Auto Nation’ auto retail center. The main objective of this program was to reduce the distribution costs of Ford products by consolidating their dealerships nationwide into large regional centers. The project was based on a 25 acre site and a 30,000 square-foot retail facility footprint. This design included innovative ideas, such as outdoor lifestyle display parks, vehicles displayed in neighborhood settings, the ‘Drive of Dreams’ walkway, a drive-in style cafe, and outdoor landscaped auto gardens
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